The New Totalitarianism, “hate crime,” and same-sex “marriage”

A new totalitarianism? In Canada, the recent passage of a new “hate crime law” is a case in point, and the looming “same-sex marriage” bill now before Parliament is another. A number of aspects of the hate crimes law are especially disturbing. For one thing, previous to the passage of this law there already existed in Canadian law abundant protection of human rights, including protection against discrimination on grounds of “sexual orientation.” What is distinctive about the new law is its criminalization of negative criticism of homosexuality as such. While the bill was in formation in Parliament two crucial amendments proposed by the conservative opposition party were defeated. The first was to ensure that religious pastors and teachers would retain full freedom to teach traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs on these matters. The second was an attempt to make a distinction in law between homosexual persons and homosexual activities.

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