Aphorisms or Amorphisms…ongoing


some Whimsical Aphorisms, Serious and Otherwise . . .


by Michael D. O’Brien

One might call these “amorphisms,” which technically means (with a little etymological stretch) fragments without connection to a discernible whole. Another meaning: an amorphism is that which functions as an antidote to the narcotic influence of morphine, or, alternatively, that which is an antidote to a dream world or dreamlike state of mind. So, dear reader, for better or for worse, the following is a collection of my aphoristic amorphisms or amorphic aphorisms, which will be added to from time to time as the muse or the mood or the madness strikes me . . . .

Joy is the aesthetics of love at light-speed.

Usury is the cholesterol of the divine economy.

Discouraging tasks, when shared, become recreation.

Sleep is sometimes a cure, sometimes a symptom.

The “brain-death” of exhausted parents is not a permanent condition.

The mowing of lawns is a diabolic obsession.

Despair is the toxic waste produced by the internal combustion of false assumptions.

Automobiles are unreliable and dangerous slaves. They frequently revolt and kill their owners.

Roman civilization fell because of obsession with gladiatorial games.
Carthaginian civilization fell because of child-sacrifice.
Our civilization will fall because of both.

Western civilization survived the Dark Ages because of Christian monasticism.
Monasticism was founded on belief in prayer and work and art.
Work is the plastic artform of love.
Prayer is the soul’s song of love.

Children are the fruit of love.
The natural habitat of children is a sanctuary of love.
A civilization of love is a community of sanctuaries.
Our civilization will be reborn only as a community of sanctuaries.

Malevolent governments are no more than gangs of unhappy children. So are benevolent governments.

In the politics of the playground is written the politics of a nation; in the politics of the nation is written the politics of the playground.

Peer pressure is the fascism of the democracies. Fascism is the democracy of the ruthless.

There is nothing more intimidating than a village clerk infatuated with the awesome powers of his office; there is nothing more benevolent in appearance than a dictator who perceives himself to be a humble philanthropist. Both are extremely dangerous, but the village clerk is more so.

As every wise fisherman knows, the tension on a monofilament line is communication from another dimension, the waters below and the waters above.

The theory of evolution is a gnostic myth.
Secular psychology is a gnostic rite.
The social scientist is a gnostic magician.

Genuine art demolishes the immediate and personally dehumanizing power of all tyrannies, to the degree that it is obedient to the eternal laws.

Art reinforces tyrannies to the degree that it obeys the diktats of peer pressure, gnostic myths, and politics.

Social engineering is the opiate of romantic intellectuals.

The state of our culture will be the culture of our state.

Humour is the delight of suddenly expanded perspective. Humour is the transformation of linear vision into the multidimensional. Humour is not logical. Neither is it illogical. It is in the realm of meta-logic. Humour is a faculty of creativity. Humour is an artform, demanding intellect as well as instinct. Humour, like art, liberates, for it affirms to the prisoner his ultimate identity.

If we do not play in the dangerous surf we will drown in puddles.

If we do not run away occasionally, we will never be at home.

If we do not waste time properly, nothing will be accomplished.

The only Irish plots that ever succeed are six feet deep and contain Irishmen.

This entire document is a conspiratorial plot to destabilize the consumer society.

[to be continued]