Michael D. O'BrienDear Guests,

In all my work I seek to contribute to the restoration of Christian culture. I try to express the holiness of existence and the dignity of the human person situated in an incarnational universe. Each visual image and each work of prose is an incarnation of a word, a statement of faith. At the same time, it asks the questions: What is most noble and eternal in man? Who is he? Why does he exist? And what is his eternal destiny?

There are more than a hundred articles, interviews, and transcripts of talks available on this site, which can be accessed by selecting the specific category under Writings in the menu on the upper left side of the home page.

There are also four visual art categories for you to explore (see the categories in the Gallery menu on the left side of this page): the Profiled Works gallery contains paintings completed during recent years; these are the only ones available for purchase. The Modern and Byzantine galleries contain images painted during the past forty years, which are no longer available for purchase. In the Recently Sold gallery are images purchased within the past year. Please note that most of the galleries have several pages of “thumbnail” images. In all galleries you may click on the thumbnail for a larger version of each image. Prints are not available for any of the paintings.

If you wish to inquire about purchasing a painting, please write to me by regular post at the address below:

Michael D. O’Brien,
P.O. Box 356,
Barry’s Bay, Ontario, K0J 1B0,
or e-mail: michaelobrienstudio@gmail.com

I regret that I am unable to read manuscripts of books, short stories, poetry, or essays, and thank you for your understanding in this regard. Due to a great amount of creative work ahead of me, I am able to send out my (somewhat irregular) newsletter only from time to time, advising you about new publications and paintings or offering random ponderings on faith and culture. If you wish to receive these mailings, simply sign up via the e-mail subscribe box on the left side of this home page.

God bless you always, in our Saviour Jesus.

Michael D. O’Brien

Elijah in Jerusalem


New novel by Michael D. O’Brien:

    Elijah in Jerusalem is the continuing story of the priest, Fr. Elijah Schäfer. A convert from Judaism, survivor of the Holocaust, he has for decades been a Carmelite friar on the mountain of the prophet Elijah. In the events of the preceding novel, Father Elijah: An Apocalypse, the central character confronted the President of the European Union, a man rising toward global control as President of the soon to be realized World Government. The Pope recognizes in the President certain qualities that are anti-Christ, and asks Fr. Elijah to call the man to repentance, though his attempts at this prove to be unsuccessful.
In this sequel, now-Bishop Elijah, accompanied by his fellow friar Brother Enoch, enter Jerusalem just as the President arrives in the city to inaugurate a new stage of his rise to power. They hope to unmask him as the Antichrist prophesied by Scripture and to warn the world of the imminent spiritual danger to mankind. As the story unfolds, people of many kinds meet the undercover priest, and in the process their souls are revealed and tested, bringing about change for the good or for evil. Elijah perseveres in his mission even when all seems lost. The dramatic climax is surprising, yet it underlines that God works all things to the good for those who love Him, testifying to the truth that in the end Wisdom will be justified and Satan confounded.

Available in September/October 2015.  Preorder in USA and abroad:


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The Donkey Dialogues—new book

New O'Brien book

A new book by Michael D. O’Brien and Matthew Krajina

Available from Justin Press: www.justinpress.ca

O’Brien biography of William Kurelek

Kurelek cover


Available from Justin Press:  www.justinpress.ca

From the publisher: In William Kurelek: painter and prophet Michael O’Brien brings to life a great artist whose work embodies his passionate faith as it was lived out in an agonizing struggle waged against the forces of disintegration, both within himself and in modern society. This book is a unique achievement by a writer who shares both Kurelek’s faith and his vocation.

New O’Brien novel—Voyage to Alpha Centauri


Set eighty years in the future, this new novel by Michael D. O’Brien is about an expedition sent from the planet Earth to Alpha Centauri, the star closest to our solar system. The Kosmos, a great ship that the central character Neil de Hoyos describes as a “flying city”, is immense in size and capable of more than half light-speed. Hoyos is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who has played a major role in designing the ship.

Hoyos has signed on as a passenger because he desires to escape the seemingly benign totalitarian government that controls everything on his home planet. He is a skeptical and quirky misanthropic humanist with old tragedies, loves, and hatreds that are secreted in his memory. The surprises that await him on the voyage—and its destination—will shatter all of his assumptions and point him to a true new horizon.

Science fiction and fantasy literature are genres that have become dominant forces in contemporary worldwide culture. Fascinated by the near-angelic powers of new technology, we enjoy its benefits but rarely reflect on its potential for obsession and catastrophe. This book explores vital questions about human nature and the cosmos, about man’s image of himself and where he is going—and why he seeks to go there.

Interview with Michael D. O’Brien—Voyage to Alpha Centauri:


Available December 1, 2013. Order worldwide at:


or for Canadian orders: www.amazon.ca

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